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Meet River's Rodents and Reptiles virtually.
Make a donation to get 24 hour access to the Online Video Password. No minimum amount, but all donations go towards the animals food and bedding. 
The Online Animal Session lasts about 30 minutes, which is long enough before wiggly children get distracted.

You will meet the 5 animals of River's Rodents and Reptiles, which include Dude the Blue Tongue Skink, Mia or Zeberdee the Corn Snakes, Coco or Chanel the Tortoises,  Pinky and the Brain the Rats and Potter or Lilly the Guinea pigs.


I give fun facts while showing the animals, and then at the end I ask questions to reinforce the learning element.

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Once donated please email us for the access code - code is not automatically generated upon donation.

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