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River's Rodents and Reptiles


Mediterranean Spur Thighed Tortoises
Coco and Chanel

Mediterranean Spur Thigh Tortoises - Watch one of these two slowly charge about on the floor in front of you. They love their shells being stroked. Coco and Chanel have lived with River since 2011, they live in separate Tortoise Tables as they do fight with each other. They are now 16 years old and will live to about 80 years old!


Corn Snakes - Zeberdee, Dougle and Dillan

Corn Snakes - These three wiggly snakes like to show you how they move around. Hold and stroke one of these amazing animals. Both Zeberdee, Dougle and Dillan are re-homed pets from families who no longer wanted them. Zeberdee and Dillan are about 13 years old and Dougle is about 4 years old. Their favourite food is defrosted mice!


The Mischief of Rats - Eenie, Menie, Minee and Mo

These cheeky fellas love a good tickle along their back and down their tail. Rats are super friendly and make amazing pets if given lots of time, a varied diet and plenty of cuddles. These four have been with us since June 2023.


Blue Tongue Skink - Dude

Blue Tongue Skink Lizards originate from Australia, but Dude was born in Dartford. Watch this super reptile move around and then stroke his amazing scales. Dude was re-homed in 2017 from a family that no longer wanted him, he loves chasing locusts and eating worms!!


Guinea Pigs - Lilly and Myrtle

Guinea Pigs - Meet one of these two squeaky friends who love to sit on peoples’ laps for a cuddle. Lilly came to River as a re-homed pet but was unexpectedly pregnant and gave birth to 5 pups, one of which is Myrtle.

Photos courtesy of Pollard Creative

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