Starting from September 2021 in the ME Postcode area.

Travel to CT, TN and DA will incur a £20 travel fee

January 2022 - RM, SS, CM, SG, CB, CO and IP

February 2022 - NR, PE, MK, NN, LE and NG

March 2022 - S, DN, LN, HU, HD, WF, LS and YO

April 2022 - HG, DL, TS, SR, DH, NE and TD

May 2022 - EH, ML, FK, KY, PH and DD

June 2022 - AB, IV, KW, PA, G, KA, DG and CA

July 2022 - LA, BD, FY, PR, BB, HX, OL and BL

September 2022 - L, WN, WA, M, CH, CW and SK

October 2022 - TF, ST, DE, WV, WS, LL, SY, SA, LD, HR, CF, NP

November 2022 - DY, B, CV, WR, GL, OX, SN, RG, SL, GU, HP, AL and LU

December 2022 - TA, EX, TQ, PL, TR, BS, BA, DT, PO RH and BN 

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